My daily activity

It’s long time not write something in my blog. Huuuft, finally, i have a spare time. Today is Sunday, after finished all my daily activity i directly open my laptop, write the thing in my brain. Firstly, i never think what i’m gonna to write to fill my article in my blog. Secondly, whether i have an idea or not i always write if i have a spare time. And the last, each article that i wrote in my blog is about my feeling, hopes, opinion and so on. Those are my principle as a young blogger, hehe.. :D. Here, i want a tell you about my daily activity.

As a young generation of Indonesia we should do the best in anything, anywhere and anytime. To make our country be great country in the world, make our country grown up as the biggest country in the world.
I’m the youngest boy in my family, although the youngest boy. Now, i can earn money by my self, buy what i want with my own money. That’s what i should thank to God, in each my breath.

We start work on 08.00 am until 06.00 pm. In the morning we are study the material in the office then in the afternoon after lunch on 02.00 pm we are going to site. Sometimes, it depends on our leader, what time we will go to site. Can be in the morning, 8 am, 10 am or 4 pm. They made a small rolling in each shift group, so that it can be in the morning or noon we go to site.

In site, we applied about what we learned in the office. Because, we are going to be an operator machine in power plant. Focus and concentrate are main principal in site. To prevent the machine broken or even victim. Sometimes, we found the problem or question that we can’t resolved then we try to solve it. We ask the leader, if the leader can’t answer it, he will ask the chief operator then the problem has been resolved. We write it in the book and try to remember that problem as the lesson for today. Those are my activity for these months. It will be gonna changed, if we have shift time.

Saturday and Sunday are the days that we always waiting, because most of us will go back to their hometown on Saturday after that they will back company again in Sunday afternoon or Monday in the morning. The company provide the bedroom for us, two people for one room. So all of us has own roommate. Yeah, that’s awesome. Because we can deeply know about our friend or workmate.

Those are my daily activity during work, in my spare time after working sometimes i thinking about my plan in the future, take for example ‘education’ i really want to continue my study to university. Hopefully next year i can continue my study without interfere my work. Amin. God, bless me. :)


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