Last week was unpredicted weekend. Everything that i’ve prepared was cancelled. I’m not blame it to anyone cause it was my mistake. My plan want to date with my girlfriend just be sentences in my plan list. What a pity!

For me, long distance relationship is not desire but it’s decision. Since i met someone who live in different city then i fall in love with her and made a relationship. I think it’s almost three months. Although we live in different city but is not too far, only take one-two hours by bus.

But why? Why it looks like so far? Only different city, not province even island! I need to visit her only for see her with my own eyes, talking, walking and get around. But she don’t want to hang out by a reason ‘lazy’. Is that logic? How come?! Don’t you happy if your girlfriend/boyfriend visit you and ask to hang out? Don’t you?! I totally don’t understand what did she think about. It’s like a silly habit I think. It’s ok! I hope one day she will understand.

On the contrary, about my friend. He went to other island through the bus, ship and plane only want to meet his girlfriend. How big his effort! He can make the distance so short but actually the case it’s so long. He live in south sumatera and his girlfriend live on west java. Can you imagine that?
I know, everyone has own reason whether they want to date or not, but however using ‘lazy’ as a reason is not logic.


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logis kl mnrt aq!

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