Light it up!

When I was nine years old, I’m so enthusiastic anytime see the light, such as; fire, lamp, thunder, rumble. And last month, we played the fireworks.

For any of you who always enthusiastic like me, when see the light. You must be happy when you follow our activity last month. In the night, in one of small room at canteen. We prepared some fireworks, lighter. Opened the cover, share the fireworks two stick for each person. We standing up againts, we put the fireworks stick together, one of us begin to burn stick with lighter. The fireworks getting black, black, burned then splash the fire. Oooh, that’s what we wait!

The fireworks blowed many small fire make some patterns in the night, everyone happy, laugh, bouce while keeping the fireworks. It make me realized that everything in the world is unique, even a small fire that we know can burn and destroyed everything but when you played the fireworks you will feel not fear instead you are happy play it like me.

After played the fireworks, we grilled some corn and meat while enjoyed the night. Two hours we ate the grilled food, night sky rumbled hint the rain. “Maybe we should finished this activity guys, do clean and clear area, then go to bed“ said my friend. “Yes, Sure, but I should finished this grilled corn stick first, haha.. :D ” said Me.


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