Note in birthday note

Yesterday I made up my books in a cupboard. Many dust stored on my book, it’s almost two years did not made up. Then i opened and read some Lesson books which we learnt when we were in Palembang, follow English training. I read page by page then i found some paper in the middle of pages. Owh, that’s is one of my essay. Here i re-write my essay so you can read it. Enjoy. ;)

My Birthday
September, 9, 2009

I began my job training on early July until last september. The same experience with last year, when I have intership in PT.PERTAMINA one year ago. I celebrated my seventeen birthday in Prabumulih. Now I will celebrated my birthday also in Palembang, simillar, far from my hometown, far from my parents. Let me tell you about my eighteen birthday in Palembang.

After celebrate Independence Day of Indonesia on August 17th, five more days my birthday coming soon. At that time I feel so curious. I don’t know, what happened to Me in my birthday later. Finally, my birthday already. Although, I’m far from hometown, far from parents, no girlfriend, no someone but I’m still happy because my birthday also the first Ramadhan or fasting month. It makes me proud of my birthday. At that time, I never stop say thanks to God, I wish to God become a happy, lucky, and has a bright future and also I achive and achievement. I hope so. My friends in dormitory don’t know that I celebrated my birthday at that time. I feel just so so, no special. Because I don’t want showing my birthday to others. It’s my style, always conceal everything.

Finally, after I have celebrated my birthday at 18th. I follow the daywith thousand assignment and study. Don’t worry life is challenge. As a tough guy, I must face it. Happy fire!!!

And the behind piece of my essay my teacher Ms.Yessy was wrote a comment about my essay. 

"thanks for the journal, Kudo
Great essay!!! 
If you have a problem with your vocabulary, please check the activity in work book lesson 5 you can see answer at the back pages where you can find the key. :)  "

Do you know why Ms.Yessy called me Kudo? Actualy when we were followed english training my nickname is “Aguskudo”, Kudo is one fiction character in comic. Full name is Shinichi Kudo, i think all of you know the story. So i just add Kudo as my nickname, what a confident, hehe.. :D


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