Me and a few years ago

I still remember at that time. When I were in Senior High School. When I still used my uniform, white and brown colour. With the black shoes, tie and hat in my head. It was unforgettable. Do you know? When I’m alone and nobody beside me, I always remind that time. I really want to back to that time. When me and my friends laugh together, study in the class, do the same thing, even we have same punishment from our teacher. But, nobody can’t back to that time, because time can’t be repeat. The time always running. We can’t stop it, even we can’t pause it. My father said,use your time in a good way so you can make your time usefull, don’t awaste your time with the bad thing! I always remember that words.
Before everthing has changed by time, before I know what life means, and before I know what is my purpose in my life. I already knew friends as my precious thing. Really! Now, I have been away from my home although only for a few months but I think it’s take a long time you know.I never imagine that I will be go far as far as it is. Never! So that’s why, I miss my friends so much, especially my best friend who always give me a spirit, who always give me support and suggestion when I need. Someone who never laugh when I’m sad, someone who always smile even sad. He is my best friend, I supposed him as my brother you know! When I go back to my home later, the first home will I visit is his home.
Some of my friends said, I am looks like different with two or three years ago. But, for me nothing has changed. Me is me, i never change become a superhero, like a Batman, Spiderman or something like that. I still like eat Tempe you know, :D I like play football, swimming, reading, jogging. What did they said? Am I looks like different? What’s their expect? I don’t know. They only said, I’m not like a few years ago, I become arrogant, egois, and selfish. Owh, I can’t believed this. Trust me my friends, if you judged me, arrogant, egoisand selfish. I think I don’t care about all of you, I won’t visit your home, I won’t say Hi when we meet. So guys, what did you said just your wrong opinion about me. You should understand me. We are human, we need each others right? What do you think about me? Am I different with a few years ago? That’s your opinion, it’s up to you, it’s your rights. Whether you judged looks like different or not, for me I only do my best for all of you, because you are my friends.
So, at last I want to say we are friends, we are strength if we united. Together we will survive to take a brighter future. For our friendship, for our brighter future and for our dreams. Let’s do our best and we will get the best thing.


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