They are Canadians

It was on friday afternoon, 23rd July 2010. That day is the last day me and friends get around in Beijing. Because the day after tomorrow we are going back to our beloved Country, Indonesia. So, after our friends has been leaved China on afternoon, 23rd July. My friend asked to me to get around in Beijing for the last time. I have no reason to reject it. So that after lunch, we went to Beijing. As usual, we are used bus 930 which bus bring us from Sanhe to Beijing.

While listening my favourite music in my MP3 player, I'm looking for the highway of Beijing, took some pictures in bus, hehe.. :D yeah, I did it to record my last traveling in China. During in the bus, I saw so many people not only Chinese but also other people with black skin, curl hair. I guess, they are foreigners in China. It seems they look like confused and hesitated. But I just saw them, I don't have any idea to say hello or some words to them.
After our bus arrived in Dawanglu station in Beijing, as expressively I said "go, go, go!" why I said like that? So many people want to getting off from bus in Dawanglu station, cowded and jostled. Maybe the foreigners heard that I spoke English (go, go, go). After we get off from bus, the foreigners said to me; You speak English? Yeah, I said. And he shows his handphone to me, and I saw some Chinese character ”呵呵。。“。He asked me to translate that words into English. And I know a little Chinese character, as directly I told to him; it means, "hehe.." your friend laughing on you, said me to him. O yeah? Hahaa.. thank you, thank you! answered him to me while laughing. Then he said to me, your English is very good. I just smile to him, hehe.. 8)

And then, it's my turn to ask him a few questions. I asked him, what is your name, where are you come from, and something like that. After I already knew their names, they are Canadians and come to China just for business. Then I introduced my self and my friend to them, we are Indonesians, come to China for study in one power plant. After heard my explanation that I'm Indonesian he said to me "APA KABAR? SUDAH BERAPA LAMA DI CINA?". Wow, surprised! Did he spoke Indonesian? Said me in my heart!? Great, you can speak Indonesian man, your Indonesian is very great. Said me to him. Yeah, I have been in Indonesia. My wife and my baby are Indonesians. Awesome!!! Nice to heard that.

Then, we took some photos, giving phone number each other also email address. After that, I continue our traveling with my friend, get around in Beijing. They are Mark and Jeff! Glad to know you guys, see you later! I'm so proud as Indonesian because I have so many friends not only in my hometown but also in China, Canada, Pakistan and Arab. Alhamdulillah, that's all because God blessing. Thanks God, to gave me so many friends in the world.


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