Is she your Girlfriend?

Before I begin my writing, I want to ask a question. Do you have a girlfriend? Hehe.. I’m sure some of you already have a girlfriend right? :D Nowadays some people said “girlfriend can make you feel comfort, she can make you feel happy when you sad, and she can understand you”. Yeah, everyone has own opinion about girlfriend. Including me. For me, girlfriend is someone who make your heart feel calmdown, with her words, with her smile and so on. I’m sure some of you ever make a relationship with girlfriend more than one or two times right! hehe.. :D it’s normally happened, because when we felt unconveinient with girlfriend, and your girlfriend didn’t care about you anymore, or girlfriend didn’t love you anymore so both of you decided to broke your relationship. Then, you find the other girlfriend in outside. Am I right? Because my brother said Don’t worry so many girls in the world! broke one, grow one million. Hahaa.. :D I like that words. Here, I want to tell you about my first experiences when I made a relationship with my ex-girlfriend.
It was happy with her. Her name is Nurhayati, she was born on January 1992. Actually she's younger than me. But, it's ok! She's the only one in her family without brother or sister. When she was 2nd grade of senior high school, unfortunatelly her mother was passed away. So, it makes she's so depressed. However, me as her boyfriend always entertain her with my words and my love.
Our story between me and her are very short. Because, after graduated from senior high school. She decided to continue study to the university, but me not yet continue my study. My family have problem in financial. So that, I decided to earn money and follow the job training. Since that was happened, we seldom meet each other like a few months ago. When we're still in senior high school.
After several months following the job training, she said to me to broke our relationship without any reason. Based on her statements "I'm too kindhearted. Actually she's lying on me, because when she want to broke our relationship she's only supposed me as her BEST FRIEND not as boyfriend during that relationship. Oh my God! How could it be?
I only laughing loudly when I remember that story, hahaaa.. :D maybe I'm so handsome, so it makes her always nervous whenever beside me so she decided to broke up! Hehe.. 8). Yeah, no problem guys. That's normally happened. Thanks for all the memories that you gave me as my 1st girlfriend. Thanks for the good and bad that happened between us. Hope that you’re happy. Thank you, Nur.
Now, I'm looking for a new girlfriend. With new specification, handy, futuristic and so on! Hehe.. :D yeah, that's all about my ex-girlfriend. Maybe you can share your story with your girlfriend to me. Ok guys! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

nurhayatiiii... hehheee

crt ttg boyfriend blh???? :D atw nie blog khusus bwt co'???

btw,,, potox bgs... sngat mewakili yg nulis blog wkwkwkkwkwkwk

Ale506 said...

Yes sure. You can share everything in my blog.. hehe..

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