It was unbelievable and incredible!

Before I tell you much about my experience that I want to write in my blog. Let me tell you about someone first. To make you clear what's my purpose in my blog. Her initial is 'MI'. I knew her, when I were in China. At the first time when I made an account on facebook, I added all people that I met on facebook without thinking whether that people I know or not. And then, I have many friends on facebook. After that, I often chatt or comment with all my friends on facebook. Upload some photos, notes, status or something like that.
After a several months, I made an account on facebook. I met someone on facebook, she's girl, she's Indonesian, pretty good and her intial is 'MI'. Of course she's human, hehe.. :D. We often chatt to know each other, share some experiences or even make a joke. From facebook we moved to Yahoo Messenger which application special for chatting on internet. And from YM we often made a video call or voice call. Yeah, that's all we did to know much each other.
Then, on 25th July 2010 has come. All of us back to Indonesia. Before I leaved China, I told to her, I said; 'It will be better if we meet each other in one place after I'm back to home later' and she said 'yeah, we'll meet each other if I still alive' while joking with me, hehe.. :D I only laughing in my heart when she said like that! Then I said; 'I hope you still alive when I arrived in my home later'. After one week I haven't keep in touch with her, I've sent some messages to her on facebook, I asked her to meet in one place which place we've agreed to meet. And she has agreed. It was 7th August 2010 I went to that place. Actually, I want to bring motorcycle but unfortunately I haven't driving license card yet. So, I decided to go there by bus. I told to her, that I will go there by bus and she said; I also don't have motorcycle, are we really use on foot to get around? It's up to you! For me, it's fine or even CRAWLING I'll do it! Hehe.. :D, she said while laughing. Oh my God! It was AWESOME! I never meet someone especially girl have said sentences like that! Unbelievable!
After a few hours through bus and waiting, I arrived in that place and finally I saw her with my own eyes. Yeah, glad to saw her! Do you know what will happen next? We are really use on foot to get around in that place. It's almost same what did I've done when I were in China! INCREDIBLE! I know, she's very shy, because she told me, it's the first time to get around with me by on foot. Hahaa.. :D yeah I know that but I try to enjoy that situation with her. And we used 'Ojeg' to pick us up went to BA park. It was beyond my imagine, I have nothing words to tell you how crazy I'm with her at my first date! We did a silly behave that never ever did for people like us. After get around, much talk with her I decided to go back. It's going to rain and I said to her 'nice to meet you!'. Bye-bye.
So guys, it's very important for all of you. If you want to date with someone the most important thing is you should have a DRIVING LICENSE for your personal safety then the policeman will not stop or take your motorcycle because you haven't a driving license. Or you will have the same experiences like me! Hehe.. :D


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