What is your name? Where do you live? That’s the common questions when someone ask to know who you are. Then, you’ll answer it to them, right!? Actually, the place that we stay, which we grew with our parents since we was kid until now, curved many stories. Here i would like to tell you, how precious home is. Take a look around first before you continue reading my article. Ok!

Yeah, you see outside there many people didn’t have home, many people live under the bridges, slums and those are things that we should think. Nowadays, sociality needs to make our living environment better. If we keep to ignored them, it can make the situation in our environment become worse. Well, back to my point compare it to your home. How looks like your home now? I believe, many electronic things has been put in your home such as, tv, dvd player, refrigerator, air conditioner, bedroom, bathroom with bathtube and shower and so on. If you feel hungry, you just open the refrigerator then take some foods, if you feel hot you just turn on the air conditioner the you’ll cool, if you fell tired you just lying on your soft bed. Wow, amazing! Everything so simple and flexible. I think everyone wants that, to make their life easier.

Although those points are not same with your home, but never mind. That’s only example, even my home that i staying now with my family so far from luxurious home like that. My father was built the home many years ago and now we still living in that home, simple home but many stories had been carved inside there. He work so hard to build that home, save money and finally his dream had been come true. Then, until now that simple home which my father built still standing covering us from wind, sunshine, rain, storm, distrees and so on. Happy life for whom stay there!

Do you know, although my room in my dormitory is bigger than my room in my home, luxurious than room in my home. But, I always wanted to go back to my home is each weekend because I feel so comfortable in my home. Home is where i wanted to go, i still remember when i was in china, i got homesick so deeply. Always wondering to finish the study schedule and back to home soonly.

On the other hand, you should to be happy having home right now, gathering with your beloved family everyday. I wish, someday i can build a luxurious home in the future then i will show it to my family, so all my family’s member can stay there, i hope they will be proud and happy to see my effort to get a better life in the future. Amin.


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