Finally is over!

Today is July 28th, 2010 the second days I arrived in my hometown. I can't explain how happy I am because after several months study in other country finally I came back to my home again. I can meet my parents, my brother, my sister, my friends and etc. I've finished my study in China with sadness and happiness.

At the first time, I really felt uncomfortable with the new environtment, season and food. But, day by day finally I can adapt with those things. Actually this is the first time I've been away from home. I never go away as far as it is. So, it's my great experience in my life. I can't lying my self that I never homesick, when I were in China everyday is homesick for me. At that time, I only want to say "I want to go home now!". But, in fact I only screamed in my heart, I can't do anything except waiting until we've finished the scheduled. On the other hand, I can take the advantages from my study in China, hehe.. do you know why? When we have a holiday in the weekend, I walking around in Beijing City, so many tourism places that I've been during study in China, really! Such as, the great wall, forbidden city, tianan'men, tiantan, yuyang ski internasional park, wangfujing, zhongguanchun and so on. That's my way to enjoy my day in China, reduce my yearning with my parents and home. Study while walking around.
Since I've stayed in China, so many knowledge and experiences that I have. Not only about power plant with their equipments but also about their cultures, customs, society and life style. While learning about those things, I also learn Chinese language. I can't guarantee we can communicate easily and friendly because we can speak englsih well. Not every Chinese can speak English! So that's why we should learn their language.

Now, I'm in my home. Enjoying my holiday, gathering together with people who I loved, my parents, brother, sister, best friends and people around me who separated with me for a long time. My adventure two hundred eighty eight days in China has been finished. Let's make a new adventure with more challenges, powers and obstacles in the future. Because life is challenge.


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