This is the first experience that I have during holiday in china. After new year in 2010, in china still has new year, the new year is we call as Chinese new year. Let me tell you about Chinese new year in china. Actually, I never have dream to see the Chinese new year in china, but in fact..woow, great! Just like happy new year on 1st January. So many fireworks in the night. But in Chinese new year we can see the difference between new year on 1st January and Chinese new year. First, when Chinese new year has came. Usually Chinese people use traditional clothes with red colour. It means of traditional culture of china. They used red colour as luckiness. Believe it or not? But we will not see it in the new year on 1st January right?Second, Chinese people has unique tradition. When everybody celebrate the Chinese new year, the father will give the money to his son or daughter. After you says greeting to your parents, uncle or to your grandmother or grandfather. The money his put in the red envelope and the he will give it for you. As a symbol of prosperity and loveliness. We call it as Hong Bao. But, if you already get job or already get married, your parents will not give you hong bao. Of course not, because if you already get job it means you are strong enough to earn money by your self right? Same as like if you already get married, it means that you are strong enough also to fullfil daily life of your wife and your children.The last, whenever you meet someone, he or she will says Gong Xi Fa Cai (greeting), Wan Shi Ru Yi (anything will goeswell), Shenti Jian Kang (wish good healthy), Xue Ye Jin Bu (for a students), Gong Zuo Shunli, Bu Bu Gao Sheng (wish you get a promotion for a workers) or something like that. In Chinese new year, everybody full of happiness to celebrate the Chinese new year. The Chinese new year so wonderful in the night. Wherever you go, you can see so many beautiful fireworks during the night. Even in the day, they still play the fireworks. I can’t believe it. Wow great! Actually, this is my first experience to see so many beautiful of fireworks in the night even in the day. In my hometown it’s seldomly to see fireworks like in china.When everybody back to their hometown to celebrate the Chinese new year with their family, me and my friends celebrate the Chinese new year in our hotel with singing and dancing. I don’t care whether we sing good or not but we only want to enjoying our situation that we have right now. And then, we went to Yu Yang Ski International Park, play ski together with my friends. Actually, I always falling down when I want to play it. Hahaha..of course yes, because this is my first time to play ski in my life. Now, Chinese new year has gone but I can feel the Chinese new year until now. I hope, I can celebrate the Chinese new year in the next time with my family.


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