Let’s begin!

It was on 25th february, since they arrived in our power plant until now almost two weeks. They are new employees, new comers, most of them are come from same senior high school, so i feel happy cause i have a lot of friends which has same hometown and senior high school with me. They started and following training in the site. Let me tell you about their activities during training in our power plant.

Everyday in the morning, we have marching exercises. We start it by warming up first then pronounce the discipline regulations after that running for 6 km. You can imagine how tired Us everyday, our skin getting black, sweating and our shoes full of mud. When some of them got wrong command during marching exercises i ask him to take positon, and take some push-ups. In order to make him, be brave and be strong to admit their mistakes. And then, we take some a few minutes to take a rest and drink some water. After that, we continue the training until 11.30 am. Then, that’s the lunch time.

Everyone is happy although we’re sweating, shoes full of mud, and tired. I trainee them strictly to make them more discipline and can work in our power plant well, have a good a cooperation, work team, good ability, and especially for their attitudes.
Well, hopefully our power plant will be finished soon, so that we can work together to light the world with electricity. Jia you! 8)


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