3 Months With You, BYSON!

It’s started when I was seating uder the tree with my friends after class had been finished. I saw many vehicles cross in front of us, then I saw one af them are motorbike, yeah that’s is. Really wanted to ride the motorbike, pick up my friend get around in my hometown. That’s what became my dream in my sleep every night. At that time, I have nothing to buy it. That was happened two years ago.

After graduated from senior high school on 2009, I wanted to find a job. I was a freshman at that time. I just graduated then i started to work. I accepted in one of Company, then begun follow the training in other Country. In other Country, when i took my first salary I want to make my dream comes true, every month when i got salary i always save my money only for to buy a motorbyke. Unfortunately even almost one year saving money for buy a motorbyke, my money is not enough. At that time my money pocket or we called salary during training is only enough for buy goods or things. Yeah, you know training is study time we are not work yet. So the Company just give little money for us. After much thinking and make a plan for my money, I decided to use my money for buy a gift and manythings that I can’t find and buy in my Country. However, after I finished my training and then back to my Country I gave many gifts to my family and my friends. They were so happy. Nothing make me happy except seeing my family happy with me. We got a long holiday after arrived in Indonesia. Then we begun to work on september last year, since we become a Worker, each month i save my money to buy a motorcycle.

Yeah, I optimist i can buy motorcycle next year. I study and work so hard, then i browse on internet find the information about my motorcyle which always be my dream every night. On June 2011, my motorbyke standing in my home. I did it! After waiting for a long time and saving money each month finally i can buy it with my own money. Many thanks full to God, said Alhamdulillah. I’m so happy. That motorbyke is Yamaha BYSON. One of product Yamaha Motor Indonesia, which issued since 2010. But on june 2011 i can buy it, hehe.. it must be need a perseverance and effort to get it.

Since I have a BYSON, it’s so useful. I can pick my Mom go to market, go to Mosque for pray, bring me to office for work, go back to to my hometown, visit my family’s home, pick up and get around together with my girlfriend, so many activities i spent with my BYSON. Getting 3 months ride my motorbyke, i hope i can use it and ride it in good way. So i can help someone who needs my BYSON’s help. No matter, BYSON is strong enough and easy to ride. He is my streetfighter. Now, you see in parking area you’ll find one of the motorbike is mine. 

Many thanks full to God again, never stops to giving the greatest blessing in my life. In this time, I realized I can’t buy that motorbike without any effort, perseverance, hard work, and pray. It might be easy thing for other family, buy the motorbike like this. But for me, that’s beyond my imagine.


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