Idul fitri has been passed, we have celebrated it with happiness and thankful. Although i can’t celebrate it with my family but it was awesome. This year is the first time i celebrate Idul fitri in other place.

Yeeah, i’m one of worker in power plant, we are working in shift time. Our holiday is randomly. So, i just do what i can do in idul fitri moments, in the morning i went to mosque which nearest from power plant then praying. After that, many villagers invited me to come to their home halal bihalal and just for talk each other, cause they knew we can not celebrate idul fitri in home. They treat us like a family, we ate some food, cake, etc. I feel so happy. 

In the noon, i go back to dormitory cause i have evening shift. Idul fitri moments feels so short. Then, i just call my family and friends. I hope next year i can celebrate idul fitri with my family. :)


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