130 KM

It was on September 29th 2011, i really felt so stress. Yaah! There is only one reason, why i want to get out.. I NEED A FREEDOM! Throw out away all the dizzying in my head. Then i decided to visit my best friend’s home, in Palembang. Actually this is the first time i go to Palembang with my BYSON. What a nice!

Get slept after work in the morning, then i woke up 01:30 pm. Take some food, for lunch. Prepare my music player, safety riding, and not forget to pray. :) everything has prepared well. It’s time to ride.

I got through one hundred thirty kilometers from my power plant to my best friend’s home. During the riding, absolutely feeling so happy. While listening music in my mp3 player, i saw many vehicles passed me. Even the coal truck got suck, crashed the one house, skipping the holes in the road, smoke, machine roaring and many else. In my mind, i just leaved all my busyness in work place.

That day was cloudy, when i was ride i felt not so hot cause the sun covered by clouds. I arrived in Palembang city on 05:00 pm, almost three hours ride my BYSON. Arrived safely. Yeah, you know Palembang is crowded city, traffic jam, and wow! Tired but wonderful. I think my BYSON should have a rest also, cause tomorrow me and my best friend will get around in city.

I’m staying in his home, we spent our time to get around in Palembang city, visit Ampera Bridge, Benteng Kuto Besak and other places after that took some photos. At that day, i was so happy. Then, we went to one of small restaurant “November 12”. Yaah, that’s one of favourite restaurant. I like their foods, the taste is compatible with my tongue.
After spent almost two days in Palembang, gathering with my friends I go back to nature, hehe..back to jungle again I mean, :D begin to work like usual. So guys, how was your holiday? Cause my HOLIDAY is EVERYDAY! ;)


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