Since I was kid, I like photograph so much. In my private album, you will see my photo start from I was baby until now. I always take photo every year. It’s so funny, when I move cursor to the next photo. I can see, my face changing by time each year, what a cute! :D When I was in Elementary school, actually I really wants to take a lot pictures of my friends and me. But, imposible at that time the negative camera is rare use. Just for a few people has it. Even me, just wish if someone bring negative camera and take photo and I will join it. Time by time, our technologhy become better. People found digital camera, or even in the mobilephone also put camera inside. Many kind of camera in mobilephone, VGA, 1.3 MP, 2.5 MP, 3.5 MP, 5 MP, or 10 MP.

When i was in Senior high school, I still no have a money to buy a camera. What a pity! (-_-)“ so, I alway borrowed my friend’s mobilephone, to take some photos of me. That’s what real happened to me. I really feel shy to telling to you, hahaa.. :D 

Then, one day God granted my wish, I have enough money to buy one digital camera. I’m so happy. Thank you so much God. :) now, wherever I go, I always bring my digicam. I just want perpetuate each moment that I have in one photo. So, anytime I can see that photo. For me, each photo that I have storing own memories inside. Nobody will know about that photo, if I could not tell it. 

So guys, have you take photo today? ;)


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