Bengkulu Vacation

How wonderful it is, when I saw a blue sea for the first time with my own eyes, felt the wind blew my face, waves sound, blue sky and blue sea. So guys, last week after Idul Adha on 7th Nov Me, Mom, and my sister went to Long Beach, Bengkulu. Here i want to tell you about my vacation last week. Here we go!

I took a leave for four days, so last time I’m so lucky actually. With four days holidays that I took plus my rest shift, it’s almost one week holiday. So that, I can celebrate Idul Adha in my home, gathering with my family and my friends. I was prepared everything for my holiday. One day after Idul Adha, on 7th Nov we got to go. We got travell almost one day, we went on 08:00 am and arrived in Bengkulu on 04:00 pm. What a tired day. Huuuft.

Arrived in Bengkulu, we check-in in the hotel nearby for one night. We bocked two rooms, one for me and another one for My Mom and My sister. We have a rest first after through a long road. In the night, unfortunately Bengkulu City got Blackout. Oh My God, a beautiful city became a black city, so dark guys! Well, we could not take a around for culinary. So we just bought some food and dinner in Hotel.

On 8th Nov in the morning, we bocked a Car which can guide Us to get around in Bengkulu City. Then we went to Our Family’s house first as suggested by my Mom. According by my Mom explanation, She said it’s been long time She did not visit this City after 25 years ago. So, my Mom miss a lot with our family in Bengkulu. After met with my family and put some our luggages there, We begin to travell in Bengkulu.

For the beginning, we visited “Rumah Bung Karno”. That’s one of local Tourism usually visited. Bung Karno is the First President of Indonesia who ever stayed in Bengkulu when He got isolation during Colonial era on 1938 – 1942. His house is unique I think, I like his house. The size is not big but that house had a large yard so when you come you think this is a big house, big Indonesian flag fluttering in front. Nice house. Inside room, we can see there’s a old bicycle which always ride by Bung Karno at that time. Many books arranged tidy in bookcase. And also many his photos displayed on the wall.

Then We dicided to visit the “Pantai Tapak Padri”, yeah that’s the moment I wait. Do you know, when I was in Elementary School one of my friend said to me “Hi Agus, how was your holiday? I went to Beach in Bengkulu with my family, we spent our times there”. Then I just to My friend, “Wow, great! I spent my holiday with My Mom help her sell the food in Traditional Market”. I am envy him so much at that time. I must wait 20 years old just for see the beach, touch the sand beach, swim in. So weird, but that’s one fact of Me :D. I put off my clothes, and swim in the sea! That’s AWESOME moment that I ever have after saw snow fall from the sky. Then i realized, WATER SEA IS SALTY.. :D 

Finished swim in “Pantai Tapak Padri” continue our travell, we went to Mega Mall, Traditional Market and have a lunch. In the noon, we went to “Jami’ Mosque”. Jami’s Mosque is one of Ancient Mosque in Bengkulu City which standstill until now. So we took pray there. After that we went to “Pantai Panjang”. Here We go, we spent our time in Pantai Panjang until wait for the sunset. We talk each other, my Mom tell me a lot about her story when My Mom were stayed in Bengkulu. It was awesome. We are seeing the waves, blue sky, so comfort. Someday I want to visit Bengkulu one more time, that’s unforgetable moment for me. However, I am so proud I can bring my Mom visit Bengkulu city again and together seeing the beautiful beach of Bengkulu. :)


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