So splashing! ;)

Wow, i almost forget that i have blog account, hehe.. :D i’m so busy, so that’t why i have no enough time to write article in my blog. Here i want to tell you about my last weekend (it’s not weekend actually) that’s national holiday on june 2nd, coincidencely that’s also my shift rest. So i decided to go back to home.

Well, in the national holiday some of university also follow that holiday. Some of friends also back to home, how happy i am. I can gathering with them again. ;) although my shift rest not take a long time, just for one half day, but i can make it so usefull. :D

On 2nd june, in the noon i invited them to swimming. Unfortunately some of friends doesn’t want to swimming..they said cause the weather is not good, it’s cloudy means going to rain. Huuuft, but no matter. Then just two my friends want to swim with me. Yeah, actually i really don’t want to cancel my schedule cause it’s selldom for me get a chance to gathering like this.

Then, on 04:00pm we are going to swimming in the small swimming pool in my hometown, Bukit serelo swimming pool. After get the ticket, take off the t-shirt and then..byuuuuur, so splashing. hahaha.. :D everyone laughing and happy, however it can reduce a little bit my stress in my job.Next time, i hope i can swimming like this with all my friends, hmmm..maybe in the next holiday or maybe in the next chance.

So guys, what about you?


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