Paint Your Life!

Just now finished my daily activity, washing my shoes, clean the room and praying. After finished take a pray just now, i have an idea to write something. So, now i’m seating on my chair with a cup of coffee. Ok, here we are. I’m going to tell you about my little secret. ;) what’s that? Let’s continue reading!

Everyone was born with all abilities and uniqueness, what then it depend on them whether they want to learn it more or not. However, I’m the one of them either you. :) actually, we can do anything as long as we believe we can do it. Take for example, when I was kid. I was cross in front of house which had a big dog. At that time, I don’t know if that dog is so fierce. I just walk, what’s next? That dog, suddenly bark and try to catch me up! WOW, I was scared! I just run a way, avoid that dog. I’m finding a big tree and climb it up. After that, that dog still barking and waiting for me to go down. Fortunately after 5 minutes, the crazy dog was leaved me. Huuft, finally. Then I realized, what a big tree! How height I’m now while laughing loudly, hahaa.. :D Yeah, at that time time I’m the good Runner and Climber! Amazing.
You see? Even I’m kid, but I can climb up the big tree that cannot be climb with other kid at that time. That was happened cause I believe I can run away from that dog and focus for my escape. Trying to climb up that big tree. So guys, you can take a conclusion from my little story when I was kid. :)

Ok, when we take a look back our story many years ago. We are people with fully happiness. Did you still remember, when you playing a kite, playing toys with your mates, hide and seek, or maybe when you playing drama like a police and bandit. You know, actually you have a lot of strategies to win that game. Although you have lost that game but you are happy! Have you realized that? That’s because you do it with your heart. So, take your strategy and happiness when you was kid. Then, you can face all problems that you have now. If you feel difficult to make your strategy, set in your mind, you can do it! Then, you can find the way to face it.

Just like me, I was born with all my problems, start from problem in family, work, education, communication, relationship, money, and many things. But I enjoy it, I prefer to find a solution than think to much about my problem. Think smart!, my girlfriend said like that when I got stuck. :)

Then I decided to make a new hobby in order to make a focus and feel happy everyday. The problem as if walk a way from me. Here I wanna tell you about my hobbies. First, I’m not Guitarist but I can play a song with my guitar, when a feeling lonely I just grab my guitar seating and start to play guitar while singing, laa laa laa laa.. :D

Second, I’m not Cameraman but everyday when I found a good scenery I shot it with my camera, and make a new photo collection in my album. Anyone to be my model? :)

Third, I’m not Racer but I can ride my motorbike freely. Ride my motorbike from my home to my work place. I ever make a good escaped from raid in the high way, awesome! 8)

Fourth, I’m not a good Swimmer but I can swimming in a pool and river, during holiday I usually swim with my friends in a swimming pool. So splashing. ;)

Fifth, I’m not Translator but everyday I always make a good translate with other staff in my company. You can let me to teach you learn mandarin, then I will teach you without any payment. :)

Sixth, I’m not Gamer but I have many games in my computer. I like to play game with speed and strategy, such as, Need For Speed, Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, SWAT, etc. I just play it when I have spare time.

Seventh, I’m not Writer but I like to write in my diary and in my blog. Which that you reading now. :)

Make a new hobby and new activity that’s my solution to face the problem everyday. It’s also one of my secret that you should to know. When you feel happy, you will feel problem looks like delicious food that you can eat as much! ;)


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