Have you ever ride the most classic and antique motorcycle in Indonesia? You must be know that kind motorcycle, that’s vespa. Here I’m going to tell you about my last activity last week.

So guys, last week I went to Palembang for one business. Re-register university cause first semester has been done with not bad score. Then, I ride BYSON. We scratch the road freely, BYSON so awesome last week. He show all his ability for me. Eventough Sumatera road condition like the moon surface, I mean many holes.. :D but I can avoid it and ride safely.

Arrived in Palembang after through ride three hours, the road so crowded. Afterthat, I went to Open Learning University Office in Bukit Besar. Less than one hour, I had been re-registered in second semester. In afternoon, I visited my bestfriend home. Then? There is a Vespa in parking in his home. That Vespa is belong to his friend. So I just take rest for an hour while talking about our activity. Long time not see him since last year. Many thing we have talked, including the “Vespa”.

BYSON should be take full respect whenever meet Vespa, :D cause Vespa is the most classic and antique motorcycle in Indonesia. Do you know when I was 12 years old, Vespa is the AWESOME motorcycle that I have ever seen. And now I saw Vespa again with my own eyes, as usualy I take some permit for ride test the vespa and here we go! Brrrrmm, brrrmmmm.. hahaa.. :D Guys, have you ever ride the Vespa? :)


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