EXAM? Bring It On!

What do you think, when someone said “exam”? did exam scared you? Or maybe you have something special feeling when hear that word? Well, yeah I’m gonna tell you about my last exam.

Second semester of university is ended by last exam. I’m not attend an exam like other college in other university because the place which exam is far from my work place so I must through a hundred kilometers by bike just for attend it. I took a holiday and change shift with my workmate. The exam is divided into to days, in different week, first and second week.

This is second semester of my examination in this year, actually I felt little bit nervous to face it. But fortunately “when there is will there is a way”. So I just fill the answer, focus and did my best. What about the result? Oh come on, I don’t know about the result yet. The university will noticed us one month later. So, what I’m gonna do next? Just waiting while enjoying my holiday time for two months, hehe..isn’t awesome right? =D

Don’t regret when you see the result of your exam’s score is low. Do you know “what you have is what you did”. If you have a perseverance, a good preparation before exam, I believe you will get good score. So guys, keep study well. Happy fire! ;)


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