Another day, another trouble

“Time flies so fast”. Yes. Exactly. More than 2 years I’ve been work in the Power Plant. So many stories, experiences, knowledge was carved inside. As an Operator who work in Power Plant especially in Fuel System sometimes make me feel so dizzy, stress even mad. O yeah? Some of you maybe doesn’t realize about this thing. How hard operators work to keep up electricity running well without any problems, keep equipments running normal and so on. Don’t you know, everytime you turn on the light, turn on television, start air-conditioner and any electric equipments those thing using an electricity and power plant is as source. And we are working for it.

I could say that, working in power plant is not easy as you think, because what we need is learn more, practice more and have some efforts to make it easyly. Every trouble that approach during working must be resolved normaly. And then the way to re-normalized condition after get some trouble is the most important thing that need team-work, spirit and responsibility of each operators.

Last time, we got some trouble when feeding coal operation running. The coal which delivered by conveyor got stuck and make some blocked area inside the coal hopper. Slowly, blocked area getting serious and it make coal run-out of belt. At that time I’m in control room saw this accident at CCTV camera, I took action to stop equipments immediately. What’s next? Equipments are shutdown, at least 3 tons coal run-out from conveyor in 20 seconds. After that we solved this trouble, we are as team clean the coal hopper together. We took some tools and clean it by our hands. It was AWESOME!

In any cases, sometimes we play firework, do flame off fire, play with the heavy rain and many things that scared. God gave this troubles for us to gave some wisdoms and lessons, that we need to think about. Trouble is just trouble but after that, we just seeing blue sky and such a beautiful sunrise and sunset during working. And realized that what a wonderful this world. Another day, another trouble. That’s my life! :)

So guys, dare to meet a new trouble tomorrow?


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