An Engine Cover

Hello guys, how was your day? I wish you have a great everyday. Here I come, tell you about my activity last week. Seating down on the chair while writing is one of my hobby besides riding. However since BYSON with me, through the rain, dust, sunburn I always wanted to be with him anytime. Altough he is just the machine with the the two tires, he is more than what you say. He is my street fighter.

As I wish, I bought some engine cover for him. I think it could be better if he is wearing it. Here we come, i brought him to the workshop in my hometown. Firstly, the mechanic choose one of engine cover which is match with his body, style and colour. Then, they are going to take out the old engine cover, and begin install the new engine cover. Secondly, they made some hole in the engine cover and install some bolts. Whatever it must be clean absolutely.

Thirdly, they are going to finish install it. I supervising them carely, I will not let them make any scratch in his body, hehe.. really, i love him so much you know! :D A few minutes later, the new engine cover was installed successfuly in his body. He is getting awesome than before. Love it! :)

Anyway, that’s one of my reward to him cause he always accompanied me during this year. Hey BYSON, we will through a new ride with different road. Here we go!


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