He is 8 years old now.

What kind of pet do you like? Dog, cat, bird,or fish? Anyway I like Cat very much. So I’m going to tell little bit story of my pet, his name is BobKei or you can call him Bokei. Here we go!

I took BoKei from my niece’s home when he was 6 months. At that time I was first grade of Junior High School, 2003. He has black and white colour, so cute! :D at the first time, he felt so fear with me. He even don’t want to stay in my home. He was run away from home for one week. I felt so dissapointed actually, i love him but he don’t want to stay with me. So i try to find out, where is he. Then i found him, he stay in my neighbour house. Then I decided to bring him back to home. After that he want to stay in my home although still feeling shy with me. After a few weeks he can adapt in a new environment.

Many mouses was killed by him, he is good hunter 8) . He never eat mouses that he killed, when he catched the mouse and he killed it he put mouse in front of main door of home. So messy actually but it nice! Now there is no mouse anymore in my home. :) Not only mouse but also other cat nearby feel afraid with him, :D What a great cat! ;)

Year by year he grown up with all his ability, sometimes I saw him flirt with tabby near home. And then, he has many kitten. :D

In the evening when I’m sat on the chair seeing dusk, he approached me while spoiling then he also sat beside me. Together we see dusk. I love that moment.

I still remember one moment, when I leaved him almost one year. Followed training in China last year, either me and him missed so much. However when I finished training and back to home, nice to see him again. :)

Sometimes i wonder if he could talk with me, when I got depressed, stress even mad. I always told to him. He is a good friend, more than my girlfriend. That’s true. My cat really understand me although he could just say “mew, mew”. Anyway when Me and him are met I feel so comfortable.

Well, he is my beloved pet. BoKei, 8 years old. If you have a pet, we can talk each other and share experience in this blog. I’ll wait your post. ;) Thank you!


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