I was fall down with you!

So guys, these weeks I have an experiences during riding. It’s not only about the machine but also about the safety riding. Here I’m going to tell you something about what was happened to me last week.

Sunday, on eighteen december, afternoon. I have date with my girlfriend. Actually that day is my second night shift, well cause date is date and I need to meet her. Then i decided to meet her. After finished work, then i took slept for more less three hours. In the day, I had a lunch. Then? Here we go, I’m so viable to meet her. Last time I met her on september when Idul Fitri. You know guys long distance relationship should be date regulary right? or other people will, :D

After took some preparation then I started engine, while listening mp3 player, I through first twelve kilometers part. I like to call it “twelve kilometers part” cause this way is bad road that I have ever through. The road is made by mud and stone, there is no smooth road like in high road. I always take more pay attention anytime I through this road, but however that day was my accident. My tires got slip then...gubbraaakk! I was fall down! You can imagine, I was fall down in the middle of jungle and nobody through this road. Well, i must take my own step to bring BYSON’s body out of Me . After that happened, I still attend my date with my girlfriend although just met for fifty minutes with all pickup conditon. Then I go back to home cause at that time weather quite cloudy, seems like heavy rain come soonly.

Next accident also happened to again! When I through Muara Enim City there is one bend that i could not control, suddenly I press brake but tires still run out from the road, and then??? BYSON fall down kissed the curb. And me, bounced from motor for five meters. Oh God, that is madness. I could say this is my mistake, could not control the speed and road. Forgive me. God rebuked to always carefuly during riding and safety first. Fortunately i still alive now. :) So yesterday, I gave one day just for fix and do some maintenance of Byson. Whatever guys, pray before ride and keep safety riding are the most important before you ride with your belovely Motor. Ya, finished, Happy holiday! ;)


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