Meng Deng 125

What’s on your mind when you read the tittle above “Meng Deng 125”? Meng Deng 125 is name of my Bicycle which I bought one week ago. Twelve days just passed in this 2012, I just make an innovation during I am working in this Power Plant. Maybe my BYSON will feel little bit jealous with Meng Deng 125, hehe.. Allright, here we go. I’m gonna tell you about Meng Deng 125.

So guys, after I took a long holiday I ready to get back work as usual. When arrived in Prabumulih City my eyes are looking for a several bicycles which displayed in store window. Then I find cutest bicycle one, colour is blue, blue is calm and has gear transimission so it can make me easy ride it.

This bicycle is very useful, since i ride my Meng Deng 125 i can save my time. In the morning when i have morning shift, at least i have 5 more minutes long having breakfast and also I always come to Control Room earlier than other staff. 

I could say this is AWESOME! People may ride electric bicycle which Company provided for them but I am the only one who ride manual bicycle like this. So guys, wanna try ride my Meng Deng125? 8)


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