“Red Envelope” in Dragon Water Year

Today is absolutely my holiday, yeah rest shift actually. Altough i have no idea to spend this time to do something but I try to find something which is interested me. Walking around in this power plant remind me what was happened last year when I were in China.

Do you know “Spring Festival’? or we called Imlek in Indonesia? Yeah right, that’s Chinese New Year. Last night i saw a few fireworks was coloured the night sky in my power plant. Iisn’t beautiful? I just saw it from the CCTV camera in my control room, what a pity. It’s ok. Cause yesterday is evening shift, when all chinese staff celebrate their new year. We are in control room, keep equipments running.

But fortunately on 9:00 pm the management staff and all the directors visit us and watch us working, however it’s surprised me. Once in a blue moon the Managers, directors, president and vice president visit us? I see, today is chinese new year, they came gave a “red envelope” or “hong bao” (read: angpao). The hong bao is red envelope which traditional Chinese during the Spring festival, the parents can give hong bao to their children, the boss can give hong bao to staff and anything else. And then, the boss gave me a red envelope, how lucky I am! Yeaah, spread for it! :D after that I opened that envelope while counting the money, hmmm not bad. :) they said to Us, to keep spirit in this “Dragon Water year” and produce much electrity to light the world and also, keep moving forward! Thank you Sir, thank you for the hong bao! :D

So guys, in this chinese new year, anybody got ‘red envelope’ like me, share it to me ya! :D


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