Coal Blocked

INDONESIA only have two seasons, rainy and dry. In rainy season like now, the coal handling must be prepare to face a lot problem such coal blocked, coal out of belt, regular cleaning. The contain of moisture in our coal mine is high in rainy season, so that’s why it will easy make a coal blocked. However, it will be trouble and make our feed coal system stop.

Take for example: the last happened in our shift, the coal is bocked in hopper of M12 belt. This accident make Us work hard to clean it by our self, during cleaning we can not feed coal for an half hour. This is not the first time happened in our shift, maybe second times, third times..many times. 1 tons? 2 tons? Or maybe 3 or 4 tons must you clean together. You must be exhausted!

It's suddenly happened. I saw a current on DCS screen, the belt current is rise so fast after a few seconds the belt conveyors are trip. The CCTV camera shown many coal blocked on the hopper. I take breath deeply. Sigh!

Stop feed coal, stop equipment, report to shift Captain, take the shovel and then..LET'S CLEAN! :D

In order to keep feed normal during rainy season, here a few methods as prevention action:

First: The coal which contain too much moisture, found the coal mixed with coal sludge should not allowed to unload.

Second: Do regular checking of each coal hopper on belt.

Third: Do regular clean for each coal hopper which is easy stored sticky coal, during cleaning do not use water spray for flushing. Because when we finished clean with water the coal hopper is wet and make sticky coal easier stored much than before.

Fourth: If the rain is too heavy and make belt is easy deviation, stop the feed coal immediately. Wait until the rain flow is medium, continue feed coal.

So guys, when you get shift duty pay more attention to the coal hopper. Or, you are going to clean coal like me. :D Last but not least, always do safety. ;)


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