Little Braver

As my walking stride grows bigger
I grow farther away from my dreams
I try changing the direction I walk, spinning around
It’s a little bravery, but it’s always here
I found it in my childhood days
I’ll bring along my individuality, trapped in the deep darkness and completely scared
The flowing scenes all resemble one another
And for some reason, I yawn
Let’s go search for the next door at the sky’s yonder
Riding on a little boat, I’ll unfurl its big sails
The wind blows in the great, sunny sky
Because you’re me and we’re always together, believe in your individuality
What are my palms for?
Are they for advancing on the steep road?
If that’s so, then certainly someday
I’ll grasp the trophy known as glory!
It’s a little bravery, it’s really tiny
But it’s something amazing, filled with ambition
Light shines into the darkness I was trapped in and it vanishes like daybreak
Because you’re me, you’re also me, and we’re together
Let’s go see the end of our journey


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